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Guide to our online quote request system

1. Navigation

Every page has a navigation element at the bottom, showing,
  • The number of pages for the quote
  • The current page you are on
  • If your on the last page it will show a submit button
  • If there is a previous page it will show a previous button
  • Page numbers, if they are green, clicking on these will allow you to jump to a page to check the details you have entered.
This icon ( icon indicating current page ) above a page number indicates which page of the form you are currently viewing.
Fig 1.1: navigation element

2. Input fields / data input

There are different types of ways of inputting your data to the form depending on the type of question:

Text fields
General Text fields - these are fields where you enter details such as name, descriptions etc . . When filling in these types of fields please enter as much detail as possible.

Date Fields - a valid date is required on most forms, the date format required is: dd/mm/yyyy e.g 18/05/2005.

Postcodes - Valid postcodes are needed for us to provide an insurance policy, e.g S72 8RP

Drop down menus and Yes/ No answers
Dropdown menus - please select the option that best suits your needs/ situation. On some of the forms, depending on the question, if you select a certain option there will be a question below where you have to provide more details.

Yes/ No - Select one of the radio buttons that best suite your needs/ situation.

3. Submission

When you have reached the last page of the form, you will be presented with a submit button (fig 3.1), once you have completed all the input fields of the form, clicking on this button will submit the quote for processing.

Once you have pressed the submit button, you will either be taken to a thankyou for your quote page (fig 3.2), or you will be sent back to the form as it may contain errors or missing fields.

Fig 3.2: image showing the thankyou page
Fig 3.1: submit button

What if i'm taken back to the form ?
You will be taken back to the first page that contains errors. Questions that have errors will be highlighted red, with a little message to the right of the input type (fig 3.3).
Fig 3.3: Example of questions with errors

The navigation element will show you which pages have errors, by showing the page number(s) in red. (fig 3.4), in the example pages: 1,3,4 have errors, page 2 has been completed correctly.
Fig 3.4: Example of pages with errors

If you have any problems or questions please contact us
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